The voting system allows the moderators of a page to vote on whether to publish or delete a received submission. This can be useful if the content of the submission is controversial and group input is desired. Voting is only available for managed Facebook pages that have two or more moderators.

To initiate a vote, click the "Request vote" button on a submission. Clicking this button will open voting for that submission and will also send a Facebook notification to the other admins of the page requesting their vote.

Once voting is activated, click "Vote to publish" or "Vote to delete" to cast your vote.

Each page managed by CrushNinja has a setting called the voting period, which is the number of days voting is open after a vote is requested. The default voting period is 1 day and can be extended up to 7 days if desired.

The logic for vote resolution after the voting period ends is simple: if there is a majority, the respective action (publish or delete) is performed. If there is a tie or if less than two votes were cast, the vote is canceled and the submission reverts back to the unlocked state, where any page administrator can publish, delete, or attempt another vote on the submission. It is not necessary for all of the page’s admins to participate in voting - if at least two votes are cast during the voting period, CrushNinja will attempt vote resolution.